Around the house

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Once in a rare while,
I get a reasonable picture of the moon.
The humming birds
are a lot
more cooperative.
 This mantis was a very patient model,
but I never could get the focus like I wanted.


1st Street

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   I took these panorama shots a few days ago
in the small town near where I stay.

  Maybe I should stand in the middle of the block when I do 2nd street.  
I stood at the corner doing this series.


#129: Night Photography

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A car driving down the road in front of where I stay.  
I tracked the car with the camera as it passed.
 View from McDonald's parking lot
 Mower repair shop
 Huddle House
 Coleman Bridge Road
   Coleman Bridge Road
This is for Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #129: Night Photography.  I have a lot of fun with her challenges.  You should give it a try.

A Cartoon LIfe

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Coosa River

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A few weekends ago
 I went for a walk along the banks of the Coosa River.
 I saw some pretty flowers, interesting people, and this nice bird.


29 seconds in my life

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Shopping from jr cline on Vimeo.

Hipstamatic play v9

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Eclectic collection
what I've seen lately

It came with the house
  I spend too much time and money here
Thirsty anyone?
   My grandfather's watering can
Fading light   

 We're busy living here

Dam fishing

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Thursday night Christy, Jeremy, some feathered friends and I went fishing


Lights reflecting on the water

  We all caught some fish and had a fine time.

Pallets and boxes

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There is a produce stand across the highway from where I work.
And I've been thinking about taking these pictures for several days.
    I liked the way the morning light played on the pallets and boxes.
I got around to it this morning.
 I decided to try one shot in color too.


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