Happy Halloween

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Be sure to pick up your pagan hunting permit for this tonight's festivities

Fed up with all the trashy, skimpy, sexy Halloween costumes?
Here is an alternative for you:  Spooky Holy Ghost Costume 

Tired of the routine, boring harvest festival at the church?
Turn Halloween into a fun filled night of Wicca Hunting.

This is all in jest.  
If you see more than that here,
those thoughts come from your mind and not from mine.
All the photos that aren't links were taken by me 
(except for the first one)
at my house.
        Happy Halloween

Thirty Day Challenge Day 2

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Day2- a picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest.
I really had to dig back in the past to find this picture of Starr and I together.

Lens life 1028

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My life through a cellular lens

In his youth, my dad was in the Navy.
He didn't talk much about those days, 
but I know he had a lot of shore leave in Italy 
and developed a love for Italian food.

 I'm sure you've noticed I go to the Hannah Home donation boxes often.
The two pictures above are from there.
Simplifying requires a lot of trips to the charity box. 

Being a professor necessitates a lot of books.
The ones above are a few of those I use in my classes.
I found this pot in my parent's backyard.
I hope I'm not turning into a pot head!
"In Tantric Hinduism and Buddhism (see Vajrayana), a diagram representing the universe, used in sacred rites and as an instrument of meditation. The mandala serves as a collection point for universal forces. By mentally "entering" the mandala and moving toward its centre, one is guided through the cosmic processes of disintegration and reintegration." ~ answers.com
I doubt the person who made this pillow cover had that in mind, but one never knows what another person is thinking.



Gloria's Bridge

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Legend has it many years ago there was a car wreck on an old bridge and a young girl named Gloria was killed. Some say her body was never found. The legend also goes that if you call her name from the bridge she will appear in front of you.
~ Alabama Ghosts
"It is said to be that if you get on the Bridge at night and say Gloria 3 times, she will appear. The story that we have been told is that she was either going to the prom or getting married and found out she was preg[nant] or fighting with her boyfriend. Like I said we have heard 2 differen[t] stories, but both say she was killed one night. Some say she was hit by a car and the others say she jumped from the bridge. So the true story is yet to be confirmed..."~ Gloria's Bridge
Doesn't look too odd in the day light.
I haven't seen anything here myself,
but I did a see a photo taken by a friend that seem to show a ghost.
This isn't the original Gloria's Bridge.  
That was torn down years ago and replaced with this more modern bridge.
Happy Haunting!

I went to the fair part three

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I love the aura of fantasy fair rides often have.
Giant monkeys
And happy dragons
always appeal to my child self's sense of wonder and magic.

  Some one asked about unusual foods at the fair.
I should have tried one of these donut burgers just for the experience.
Ever since I was a kid, I've loved the lights. 
My grandmother did too.
Of course, ice cream is great too!

The entire purpose of this photo walk was to take pictures of the fair after dark.
Part four in this series will be devoted to those pictures.
  I love going to the fair.

Photos were taken at the Alabama National Fair.

Lens Life 1021

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  My life through a cellular lens
 I spent a little time this week at Desoto Caverns Park.
It isn't far from my house and is a nice place to hang out.
 I also stopped by the local bakery.
That was fun. 
These people are so friendly!
 If you've been following my plogs at all, you know I went to the Alabama National Fair.
This is one of the entries in the cattle competition.
 There was no one at the donation center truck.
I almost went in the truck and took a picture looking out.
Maybe next time.
The person wasn't far.  Their drink still had ice in it.
    I was sitting on the steps at my parent's old place and
this seemed like a nice (though odd) fall color shot.
     No week would be complete with out including Jesse.
He lights up everyone's life around here.
And he keeps us all on our toes.
Have an outstanding day!

I went to the fair part two

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Everyone seemed to have a great time riding this ride.
 It wasn't too fast and didn't twirl you around.  
Other than being upside down about a third of the time,
it was a pretty tame looking ride.
Mom stands and watches, occasionally taking pictures with her phone.
Photos were taken at the Alabama National Fair.

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, and Ricky

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 Lucy after she retired.
 Lucy?  Lucy?
I don't know if Ricky can survive two.
 Ricky and Lucy
I have no clue why there were so many Lucy look a likes that day.

  Th-th-th-that's all folks!

I went to the fair part one

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The Alabama International Fair in Montgomery was a fair like I remember from my childhood.
It wasn't just rides and games, there were agricultural and livestock exhibits too. 
People competed for the best flower, photo, cow, pig, rabbit, chicken, preserves, pie, ... you name it. 

 Of course, all the other things were there as well.
 That includes a world of culinary delights to titillate the taste buds.
This is one of my favorite rides. 
If I hadn't been carrying a lot of camera gear, I'd have ridden it.