APADF6 110

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Spiders are good at creating early morning jewels in the yard.
The picture doesn't do them justice.
Sometimes I participate in a discussion group.  One of the things on the agenda was a name change.  The facilitator of the group placed these little signs on the tables to help new people find the group. 

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APADF6 109

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There is a nursing school where I work.  
Today part of their educational experience included a Lifesaver helicopter landing in one of the parking lots.

This helicopter is owned and operated by Air Methods.

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APADF6 108

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Today was 

Kid Day

  All Day

And we had a wonderful time!   
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APADF6 107

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“Do not let your eye be drawn by the false beacon lamps of wealth, or position, or fame, or possessions. Be vigilant over your will and desires, for these are the corrupt forces that dwell within, and keep you from living free.” - John of the Cross

Simplifying my life is something I've been working on for a couple of years now.  In some areas I've made great progress.  In others, not so much.  
In terms of possessions some rooms are almost totally empty.  The shop building looks like I've done nothing.
A work in progress and time is running out.

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APADF6 106

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Jesse, Christy, and I went for a jeep ride through Holly Springs. We stopped at the historic Baptist  church and cemetery to take some pictures and look around.   Some say the area is haunted.

The old outhouse has seen better days. 
Old and New
 Someone added a more modern headstone to this old stone grave.
The headstone says
William Maherg
July 22, 1790
Dec. 8 1862
He selected the cemetery site 
and was the first to be buried here

Earlier, I saw one of the local fire trucks parked in front of the grocery store.  There didn't seem to be anything going on that would require firemen.
I find it interesting the things people leave in the wrong sections of the store.  That might make an interesting series of photos.

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APADF6 105

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I didn't take any pictures today.  I can hardly believe it.
After a ten hour work day I wasn't even interested in taking pictures or doing any of the huge yard to do list.

The Naked in a Train expedition visited the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas.
Here are a few more photos from that adventure.

Poison and all,  I'm fond of the Lionfish.

 When I was a small child sitting on the dock, a gar swam up to my foot which was dandling in the lake. Scared me to death.  lol

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APADF6 104

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One of the joys of living in the country is the (sometimes enforced) slow lifestyle.  Another of those joys is the variety of vehicles on the roads (especially in the warm months).
I followed this piece of farm equipment down the road for a bit.  As you can see there was no way around.  I guess if I had been in a smaller vehicle I could have driven under.
 Eventually it turned off into a cotton field.

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APADF6 103

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What did I see today?
Christy's iPhone and my Lumix laying on the park bench in her yard.
Cell phones become more like cameras and cameras become more like cell phones.  This morning I read about the new Nikon Coolpix S800c, the first Android-powered camera.
I love Jesse' rug.  He has a fun time playing cars on it and so have I.  Check out that shark in the lower right hand corner.
The water has been out all week in one of the buildings at work.  
They are working on it.  

I saw a lot of other things too.  I just didn't take the picture. 
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APADF6 102

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 Jesse having a wonderful time playing in the water.


   No, just a Mothmanic.
Faced any fears lately?  Had any adventures?  Take a look at Carly's blog: Do One Thing Everyday That Scares You.

APADF6 101

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I just couldn't pass up this followup on body painting.

 Jesse managed some original art on his back today.

You want to know why the chicken crossed the road?  Find out here and enjoy some happy tea..

APADF6 100

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If you've followed this blog much at all you know Christy, Jesse, and I play a lot.  She was changing Jesse' pullup in the jeep and putting a clean one on their heads became the game of the moment.

Fun times!


APADF6 98 and 99

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I went to stores two days in a row.

 Both times they were stocking and there were pallets everywhere.

None the less, it was a fun time.
Even the cakes were happy.

APADF6 93-97

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I've gotten way behind on my posting so I'm playing catch up.
Jesse was playing in the ashes.
 He has been having a great time coloring on the storm door window.
 I have no idea what flower this is.  
I saw it at Southern Homes and Gardens in Wetumpka Alabama.
 I like visiting the underwater bridge.  I've been there several times and see something different almost every time I go.

A Day Late and A Woody Allen Short 


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With high hopes, we headed to the Coosa Wildlife Management Area to view the Perseid Meteor Shower.  We stopped at

so Christy could get a drink.

Even though it doesn't look like it from these pictures,

the place was really crowded for 1 a.m.


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Finger Painting


Head Painting

Face Painting


Body Painting

      Hug me!


If you like flowers you should visit Carly's garden.