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A few weeks ago I went to the botanical garden in hopes of finding some spring blooms.

 I was in luck.
 The tulips were blooming.
The tulip and the butterfly
Appear in gayer coats than I:
~Isaac Watts
The tulips make me want to paint,
Something about the way they drop
Their petals on the tabletop
And do not wilt so much as faint
~ A.E. Stallings
It was a nice day to walk about and take pictures.

I went to Maylene

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  I met two friend photographers in Maylene to go visit a waterfall in the woods. 
Not only were we looking at the waterfall, it was watching us.
People had piled stones under dripping water to form a cistern.

It was a tall waterfall, but I couldn't tell you how tall.
Fun day!


Does the camera effect your behavior?

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 Does being behind the camera change the way you respond to situations?

It changes how I respond.  I took photos of a friend trying to rescue a child from a burning car.  I didn't help him.  I felt badly about that when it was all over.

I've trespassed to get a picture.  I've taken photos on the sly in locations that didn't allow photography.

How has being behind the camera changed how you behave?



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These trees are widely known by the common name tulip tree

  due to their large flowers superficially resembling tulips.
 They are closely related to magnolias rather than lilies,
  the plant family to which true tulips belong.


Laundry Day

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All day wasn't laundry day, just a couple hours in the afternoon.
My usual laundry plans weren't working out so
I went to a laundromat to see what things were like there.

This one was old, but it was clean.
When I arrived someone I knew from around town was just leaving.  We had a nice conversation out front. He wasn't there to do laundry.  That was a hint about what was to come.
I packed my clothes into three machines, put in soap and coins (different slots), closed the lids and pushed start.
Selecting one of the nice orange chairs, I sat down and began reading a photography magazine.  In a bit, four little girls traipsed passed.  They were sisters and looked to be ages 4 -10.  The youngest one spoke to me and the oldest told her not to talk to strangers.  She also volunteered that they were all sisters and their mom was waiting outside in the car.  They were on their way to the restroom.  This was the beginning of a steady stream of people visiting the restroom, change machine, and/or coke machines.  The entire time I was there I was the only person doing laundry.
I moved the clothes over to the dryer and put them on to spin.
Shortly after that, the cleaning man came.  He was Cajun and  a real talker.  Before long I'd heard many stories from his past. He had been in prison, in a bike gang (his 1966 custom Harley was in Louisiana) , won $350,000 in a slot machine, owned a huge house and large piece of land in Texas (where he allowed people to live and provided all their food and utilities), and had a wife and child in Louisiana.  There was additional adventure stories that I can't remember.
At long last the dryer stopped.  I folded my clothes, all the while listening to the man talk.
As I was leaving, I asked his name.  He said everyone called him Psycho Man.  I thought to myself, "that fits you perfectly".   I asked if I could take his picture.   That shut him up.  He turned and walked away.  I got in the car and came home.

Good friends

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A time of reflection

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This is for week two of seedsower's self portrait challenge.

I wish I could have found a house of mirrors for this challenge.

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #115 Cell Phone Photos

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These were taken with an iPhone 3G.
Some were taken using the Hipstamatic app and
others were taken with the standard phone camera.
Any post processing was done on the iPhone
with PS Express and/or 100 Cameras.
  There was a little carnival in town last weekend.
It was closed when I went by.
I enjoyed being able to take some pictures 
without all the people.

This is a photo taken through the front window screen.  
There was method to my madness, 
but for the life of me I can't remember what I was trying to do.

One of the philodendrons is flowering in the sun room.
This is the first year it has bloomed.

I took this shot while walking down the side of the road near where I stay.

When I moved here years ago, I brought this dried gourd.
It has been on the front porch since then.

It's all fun!

This post is for Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #115 Cell Phone Photos.
Check it out and play along.

I went for a walk part 2

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These two shots were inspired by Christy Grimes' work.
Mine aren't nearly as good as her's. 

I wasn't the only creature out for a stroll.
A deer had been there before me.

The sap had leaked out on one of the old pine trees.

On one side the sap was a golden color.

  On the other side the sap was whitish.
Both streams of sap created a pleasant pattern against the charred bark.

Tree spirits are ancient and wise, offering healing magic, wisdom and insight. A tree spirit is a type of nature spirit, and effectively the “living soul” of a tree. It has much in the way of wisdom and healing to offer those who are willing to listen and absorb. ~What are Tree Spirits?
Do you see the tree spirit in this picture?

I went for a walk

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to the river near where I stay.

There is a lot of trash on the side of the road.
It appears this gallon can of WD-40 fell off someone's truck or trailer.
The can wasn't empty and a lot had obviously leaked on to the ground.

    More trash on the side of the road.
     I'd heard of walking fish leaving the water. 
This is the first time I've encountered one. 
I was surprised by how friendly it was. 
    It is always nice to have a glass handy when one working with their animals.
   This horse was patiently waiting by the fence for something.

  Some unfortunate canine died a few yards from the road.
  The closer I got to the river, the more erosion I saw.
  Mimosa tree seeds still clinging to a limb.
   This rose bush was so tall I was able to stand under it and take this picture shooting almost directly over my head. 
As I expected, the water level in the river was high after the recent torrential rains.