318 Coffee and Bands 2/24/12

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There were four bands at 318 Coffee and Bands Friday night.


  It is well worth your time to stop in one Friday night for coffee and music.  

A good time was had by all.


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Week of 2/19/12

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A few places, people, and things I saw along the way.

 The testing center at the college.
 You know how I like 318 Coffee and Bands.
 Christy playing with Jesse on the ladder. 
 Role reversal.  The adult is under the table.
 A couple of my hats.
Friday night I took some photos at 318 Coffee and Bands.  
It was a great time.

iPhone 4 photos taken with the Camera+ app or the Hipstamatic app.

318 Coffee and Bands

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Friday night I met Christy at 318 Coffee and Bands for a little fun and photography.
318 is the their lucky number.

Huston Edwards

  I think this man's name is Hunter.

Some of the band outside by the equipment trailer.

Taylor McMillen - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Joe Grove - Bass/Vocals
Andrew Neidhardt - Lead Guitar
Chris Laney - Drums/Percussion
Hunter Rollins - Saxophone/glockenspiel/omnichord
Aaron McKee - Piano/keyboards

Time to go.

At the Consignment Shop

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Ring-a-ding dingy

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318 Coffee and Bands

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 It was raining when I drove to 318 Coffee and Bands Friday night. 
The rain wasn't keeping anyone away. 
    (Taken with a Sony Alpha 700 and f1.8 50mm prime lens.)
 Paying the cover charge to this lovely lady was a pleasure.
She was friendly, a lot of fun, and quick to pose.
You never know what the crowd will be like in small southern towns.
Fortunately, this was a fun loving, arty, and interesting group.
(These were all shot in program mode.)  

(ISO was either 800 or 1000.)
 The bands rocked the place!

(I shot in black and white.)
It is outstanding to have a local venue for live music.
(No flash)
 (What post processing I did was with PS4)
 (and consisted of some cropping, straightening, level adjustment, and slight sharpening.)
All evenings come to an end eventually.
   (When I set out on this photo adventure, it wasn't)

 I was glad the rain had stopped for the drive back to where I stay.
(my intention to take pictures of people, places, or bands.)
I'll definitely be back for more coffee and bands.
(This photo adventure was all about light, dark, and contrast.)