Kymulga Grist Mill in color

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OK, so the first one's not in color.


Slmret wanted to see some color pictures of the grist mill.  Here they are Janet.

I took several shots through the open doorway, but this was the only one that looked good.  You couldn't go inside because of the foundation damage.
This is underneath the mill.  The river was wild that day.
River days like this are causing the foundation problems. 
The water is relatively quiet on this side of the small dam.
The standing water and mud show up better in the color photos.

I often wish I had a macro lens to use for photos like these two.
The trails aren't wide and open everywhere.  
They are a bit overgrown in places.

I took the following picture downstream from the mill.  
I had to make my own path through the woods to the river's edge.

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Side note:  This past week was really busy.  Classes ended on Monday and final exams began.  All the students who hadn't performed up to par have been swarming around like flies trying to negotiate a better grade.  I've been grading like crazy too.
After running some errands on Friday, I went to play with Christy and Jesse.   We didn't leave town and I didn't get back here until Saturday night around 6:30.  I spent the night at their house.  Her husband was home and slept with her.  I slept with Jesse.  Right before he went to sleep he gave me hug and told me he loved me.  Little children can be so sweet. 

Kymulga Grist Mill

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Mid 50s.  Rainy.  Gray.  Good day to go to the Grits Festival for some shrimp and grits.

Due to the rain, the Grits Festival was canceled.  Since I was there, I walked around taking pictures for a couple of hours.

Old buckboard  
    These pictures of the mill were taken from the covered bridge.   
  I don't know if you can tell, but the river was over its banks in places.
The mill is in danger of washing away and they are rebuilding/restoring the foundation.  I ventured under the mill to take a look at some of that work. 

 Inside the covered bridge
I don't know why I didn't take a picture of the bridge from the outside.    
I got one beneath it.   
     After crossing the river, I meandered along the trail.   
   The trail was flooded in some spots and muddy just about everywhere.
Though I ended up damp from the drizzling rain and my feet were wet and muddy from the trail, it was an awesome adventure.  The light was wonderful for photography.  Much better than harsh 1 pm sunshine.  I'm glad I went.
I don't actually eat shrimp and grits.  I just wanted to mention them since they are so popular at the festival.
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Side note:  I just realized I should check myself for ticks before going to bed.   It's times like this that a woman friend would really come in handy.