318 Coffee and Bands Redux

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Today started out to be a 'work on projects for my job' day. 
That wasn't what happened though.
Around 11:30 I met Jesse, Christy, and her father for coffee at 318 Coffee and  Bands.
After a fun time talking, playing, and hanging out we went back to Christy's house.  I took a short nap with Jesse.  I rarely take naps.  It was nice.
Later, Christy, Jesse, and I went back to the coffee shop for some more coffee and fun.
We all feel right at home there.  
"It’s okay to enjoy this moment, even if you have things to accomplish. There will always be more to do—this is much is guaranteed. Time beyond this moment is not."~Lori Deschene founder of Tiny Buddha 

318 Coffee and Bands

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 Christy, Jesse, and I went to 318 Coffee and Bands for coffee, a cookie, conversation, and atmosphere.   The three of us can hardly go anywhere without taking a few pictures.
There were a few surprises
These are my favorites

 A couple of self portraits by the happy toddling photographer who took all these.
If you are ever in the neighborhood you should stop by 
318 Coffee and Bands for some excellent coffee and a good time.
It was WHEE!

Things I saw

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The last time I did this it was monochrome so I'm doing color today.
These were all taken with an iPhone 4G.  Post processed with the Camera+ app. 

A church along a road I hadn't traveled before.  There was an interesting graveyard across the street. I'll probably go back and take a few more pictures here.
You should know by now that hardly a week goes by that I don't have to stop for a train.  This was no exception.    

Who is that mask man?
I used to have a large collection of masks.  I've gotten rid of a lot of them.  I've hung on to this one, but it is destined to go.  I just can't see it in an RV.
I can do this
 Now let me just stash this lighter in here for later.  Maybe no one will notice I took it.
    Flower Power
Jesse and I were in the Home Depot the other day and I was wheeling him around in the shopping cart when we came across this flower.  He patiently waited (which is saying a lot for a two-year old) for me to take a few pictures.
    The Bear Abides
The stores are all merchandising for Valentine's Day.  These stuffed animals are cute. The bear is the one that caught my eye.  He is one cool bear dude.
But I would not feel so all alone
Everybody must get stones
This moss covered stone looked pretty good on a wet and cloudy day.
Christy, Jesse and I returned to the Horse Stomp campground for another hike along Weogufka Creek,  We dropped Jeremy off at another  location to look for arrowheads and metal detect.
Easy Riders
A group of bikers and their Harleys down at the gas station.  
These two were a little apart from the others.

1PM in my life: w3

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This is the third week in my '1pm in my life project'. I'm getting better at getting them at 1.

 Christy and I went for a hike at Cheaha Starte park.  It was a great day for hiking, not too hot or too cold.  The light was too harsh for  photography though.  I think that will be the case for outdoor photos most the time at 1pm. 
 This is along Tallasahatchee Creek. I was driving and happened to be passing by here at 1pm so I stopped at the bridge and walked down to the creek for a few shots.
I got a little out of control on this one.  I was playing with the Diptic app again. On the left is one of Jesse's riding toys.  Above right is a piece of pink quartz with an arrowhead laying on top.  The bottom right is a section from a geode.  All these items hang out in the sun room where I stay.
This is also in the sun room.  It is a drum my aunt and uncle gave me years ago.
Christy and I went out for coffee at the new coffee shop in town, 318 Coffee and Bands.  It won't be long until I'll be back to photograph when a band is there.  The coffee was outstanding and so was the atmosphere.
On Friday I had a meeting an hour's drive from home.  I was stopped at a red light when it was time to take a picture. 
    I had a great time the day I took this picture.  I spent the day with Christy and Jesse.  Most of that time I spent on the floor.  I like to get down on the child's level.  He likes it too.  It also provides a different point of view for photos. 

Lattes, beautification, pink hair

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Life is amazing when you're open.
I started out today working on migrating data (like most days).  I didn't have any plans other than doing that until bedtime.
The phone rang.
Life had other plans.

Christy called and we met for lattes at the new coffee shop in town.
318 Coffee and Bands has great coffee.
Amid the conversation, there was a lot of picture taking going on.

After visiting a consignment shop, we stopped in the beauty parlor for some beautification.  Christy, not me.  There is no hope for me.
Last stop was the doggie boutique.  
How about that pink hair?

1PM in my life: w2

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 All these were taken with an iPhone 4 and the SLFT-IP4 filter.
 A mask in the sun room.
I used the macro lens and Tooncamera app for the bird head.
This is a small sculpture in my office. 
   An empty pack of smokes laying on an outside table at work.
Taken with the Camera+ app. 
I've been working from home a lot recently. 
I took this sitting at the table where I work.   
Taken with the Camera+ app.

     Christy, Jesse, and I went out for lunch
and the two of them played on the inside playground.
Check out this fun video about that adventure that Christy made.
Taken with the Hipstamatic app.
The next day, the three of us went to Horsestomp and played along the creek bank.
Christy posted a video of that adventure too.
Taken with the Hipstamatic app.
This is shot from the den towards the kitchen window.
Taken with the Hipstamatic app.

So far so good.  I'm going to try this another week.


Play day

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  I've been having a lot of fun with the SLFT-IP4 filters lately
especially the 3 kaleidoscope filters.
These two pictures are Jess's 'car' parked in the garage.
He has almost out grown it.

These two pictures are of a lamp and an oscillating fan (the fan isn't on).
 The picture above was taken with one of the 3 kaleidoscope filters through a prism.
  It is a street in the town near where I stay.
I have several masks hanging in the sun room and a kaleidoscope filter created this look.
   I've also been playing with the macro filter.  The picture above is of my fingers.
An unused grade book in my office

    I realize some of you will find this gross.
A tiny lizard died and dried out in the garage.
Poor little thing. :(

1PM in my life

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I started a new photo a day project.  The idea is to take a picture every day at 1pm where ever I happen to be at the time.  Now I won't try to tell you that I took all these pictures right at 1pm but it wasn't too much after 1.

 I've taken and posted a lot of pictures of this little fellow.  He keeps me company when I'm sitting on the front porch.  I suspect he will be keeping me company in the RV.
 I discovered a logistical problem with this project.  It is better to pull over to take a picture.  Driving and picture taking just isn't the 'A' plan.
 The big fuzzy road home in the car seat.  We didn't want him to get injured in a accident.
 I was actually in my office a few times this week even on the days I was off.
 I guess you have picked up on my fascination with black and white photos of magazine racks.  I was waiting to check out when I took this picture.  Maybe I should switch back to the candy rack.
 The drinking fountain down the hall from my office.
I do eat.  This is what I cooked for lunch today.  I'm not sure what to call it.  It is pizza fixings on a flour tortilla.  It was tasty so I'll probably make it again.

I'm going to try another week of these to see how it goes.