Slow Day

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Foggy Day

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Positivity Week: Sunday

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Shining-garnet is promoting Positivity Week and I think it is a great idea.  Today is pick your own thing day and I picked a few things that brighten my life.

It is nice to have people who are passionate about life,
creative, intelligent, arty, and confident as friends.

 These two help me with my evil plan 
and I love and appreciate them for that.
The beach and warm sunshine always make me feel better.
       Just like being outside in nature.
It renews my spirit.

Positivity Week: Saturday

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Shining-garnet is promoting Positivity Week.
Today's challenge is to post a picture that makes me smile. 

He helps me see all things new
He reminds me to love openly and unconditionally
He reminds me to live in the present\
He reminds me to be honest and open with my feelings
He teaches me patience
He brightens my day
He is an awesome friend

Bits and Pieces

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  These are from the set of pictures
I took the last of October and first of November.
 When I was leaving the extreme Frisbee competition
I stopped to take a picture of this house.
 I took these four self portraits with the Incredibooth app.
 Happy Birthday balloons
 Of course, Christmas stuff was out way before Thanksgiving.
I wish they wouldn't do that.
 Christy won these in one of those pay your money, drop the claw and pray you get a prize games.
They rode home on the dashboard. 
 This spoon has been laying on one of the
heat pumps at work for a few weeks.
 Under the Bodhi Tree. 
Not really, that tree is in Bodh Gaya.
 One of Jesse's favorite activities is to play in cars and trucks.



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Every year in November I head to Gatlinburg, TN.
 We stayed at Whispering Pines.
     Everything was geared up for Christmas.
 There were loads of lovely lights but it was too cold to be out much at night.

Thanksgiving wasn't totally ignored.  


Kitchen Floor

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 The OSB was removed
 and replaced with Durock.
 What a mess.
 Work Work Work
 At long last tile
 is being laid
while appliances wait on the car porch.
When I left almost all the tile was laid. 
I don't know what is going on now.  


Once upon a time

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there was a house that needed the kitchen and living/dining room floors repaired.
Workmen were hired.
   Supplies were procured.
   The first step was to remove the old flooring and fix the rotten spots. 
    Day two begins with a stop for coffee
 and another trip to the home improvement store.
 Slowly the new floor begins to take shape.
 Work Work Work
 Almost done.
At last it looks like a room again.

Now you know how I spent my weekend.

Grist Mill

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The historic Kymulga Grist Mill is near where I stay.

Located on Grist Mill Road four miles northeast of Childersburg, Alabama,
the mill is over one hundred forty years old.

The adjacent park is home to a variety of animals and plants.
Several large trees there have been judged by foresters to be older than the mill.

The mill was established in 1864.