December Photo Project: 12 25 09

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Some places and things and the baby I saw on Christmas

This is the view from the front porch when I went outside the first time today.

I like to have a glass of eggnog on Christmas each year.

I spent some time hanging out in the living room before time to go.

Everything is loaded in the jeep and I'm off to my brother's house for Christmas part one.

There is his dog ready to greet me at the gate.

Here is a slightly better shot of the dog.

 Some lovely things in my brother's kitchen.


This is a pitiful photo of his Christmas tree.


After visiting with my brother, sister, and their families, I went to visit my friends at their parents house.  Here is my godson not paying a bit of attention to me at all.  rofl
It was a merry Christmas after all.


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