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 The other day I spent some time photographing in and around
some of the old buildings in town.

The first stop was an old grocery store.  
The front has been converted into a church.  
The back has been left in decay.

“All hope abandon, ye who enter here!”
~ Dante Alighieri

I'm not quite sure about the "Giant meat".
The exterior of this building was recently redone. 
Someone had busted open the door so I stepped inside and took this photo.

“Fair as the exterior may be, if you go in, you will find bare places, heaps of rubbish that can never be taken away, cold hearths, desolate altars, and windows veiled with cobwebs”
~  Myrtle Reed

These last shots were taken inside a building that has been empty for many years.

"All is now desolate, fantastic, and ambushed with ghosts;
the archaeologists twitter among them like bats."
~ Macaulay, Dame (Emilie) Rose
  Of  Angkor Thom. Pleasure of Ruins.

It appeared that most the plumbing and wiring had long been ripped out long ago.

"My mother and I took over abandoned buildings to sleep in".
~ Mark Webber.

     There are several other similar buildings in town. 


Anonymous said...

Wow, a story to be told here. And the shots...that's what tells the story, you did really well editing. The quotes grabbed my heart and sqeezed.

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