I went for a walk

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to the river near where I stay.

There is a lot of trash on the side of the road.
It appears this gallon can of WD-40 fell off someone's truck or trailer.
The can wasn't empty and a lot had obviously leaked on to the ground.

    More trash on the side of the road.
     I'd heard of walking fish leaving the water. 
This is the first time I've encountered one. 
I was surprised by how friendly it was. 
    It is always nice to have a glass handy when one working with their animals.
   This horse was patiently waiting by the fence for something.

  Some unfortunate canine died a few yards from the road.
  The closer I got to the river, the more erosion I saw.
  Mimosa tree seeds still clinging to a limb.
   This rose bush was so tall I was able to stand under it and take this picture shooting almost directly over my head. 
As I expected, the water level in the river was high after the recent torrential rains.




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