Hipstamatic play v6

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Jesse's clothes
Children are a never ending source of entertainment, creativity and new ideas.
And then there are carpenters 
who sometimes leave ladders laying on the porch
for several days.

That is nothing compared to things some people leave sitting around.
Just about every work day for the last 25 years, 
I've walked past this cart or one like it.

I still go to the grocery store every week.  
The displays just haven't caught my eye.
Then, I saw this stack of peanut butter.

I avoid driving in the city as much as possible, 
but a lock set required a trip.

 When I got to Lowe's, 
all the mowers were lined up waiting for new owners.
Once in a while, the doctor requires a little attention.

They need help paying off all those student loans
so do your part and get a check up.

Maybe I should move my friend out where she can see the roses.
I bet she would like them.



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