Atlanta: day 2

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 City life
 is radically different
from rural life.
 Refrigerator or coffee table?
(family joke)
 When we went to lunch, I paid this machine for parking.
It only took plastic.
I need to get out more. 
 My son and I had lunch at The Vortex.
The blue cheese burger was great!
 Deliciousness in an entertaining environment.
 When we left, there was a boot on the truck.
Great fun!
That has never happened to me before.
  I knew when I was back in Alabama.  
At the rest area the landscaping was filled with tomato and pepper plants.



Anonymous said...

Oh, there is it...the skeletons! And I've never even seen a parking meter that took only plastic, not ever. Not even here in NY...rofl, this is funny. Thanks for the pics and the laugh, JR. Sorry about the boot! :)

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