Tennessee Aquarium: Jellies

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"I've never seen so many electric jellyfish in all my life!"~Ned Plimpton
"Those who admire the massive, rigid bone structures of dinosaurs 
should remember that jellyfish still enjoy their very secure ecological niche"~ Beau Sheil
"Trying to make order out of my life was like trying to pick up a jellyfish."~ Gene Tierney
"When you move like a jellyfish rhythm don't mean nothing. 
You go with the flow, you don't stop. 
Move like a jellyfish, rhythm means nothing. 
You go with the flow you don't stop."~Jack Johnson
"I didn't really look for them. 
I knew that once I saw the jellyfish, that anything goes."
~ Deon Butler
One has to secrete a jelly in which to slip quotations down people's throats
- and one always secretes too much jelly.~Virginia Woolf 

The following quote is a little serious to associate with a picture,
but I thought I'd include it because I found it thought provoking.

"The cult of the jellyfish is no less an imposition of a religious movement than is the cult of the dinosaur. 
When designing a methodology it is undoubtedly far easier to construct a system that discourages individual differences, than it is to construct a system that leverages and encourages them, 
but that does not mean that a methodology designed for an array of idealized entities will be the most productive, successful, or rewarding one."~Beau Sheil



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Totally gorgeous array of shots. And unique in their beauty.

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