APADF6: 17

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I've been shopping for  a Micro Four Thirds System a while now.  I want to try a lighter, less intrusive camera for street photography.  With the release of the Lumix DMC-GF5 cameras, the GF3 dropped dramatically in price.  I was able to pick this up with the kit lens, an extra battery, a 16 GB SD card, and a 20mm F1.7 lens all for less than the original price of the GF3. 

This is my 17th photo for Ellipsis'  'A Photo A Day For 6 Months'. If you like the idea, come play.



Carly said...

Oh, that's a great looking camera! I had considered a Lumix before finally settling on my Fuji. Still considering another purchase later in the year perhaps. I have been meaning to do an entry about my various cameras, perhaps I will do so sometime this week. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

jr cline said...

I'll watch for your camera pictures. That will be fun.

Maria said...

Saw your link on Carly's blog. Sounds like you got a sweet deal on your Lumix. I have Lumix FZ35 because I wanted a lighter camera but one that took nice pics before I spend the money on a DSLR. I like it but I am wanting more range on the F-stops..so I'm going to have to break down and get a DSLR some time soon. I think the photo challenge is great...I would love to enter...and just might..but I may cheat a little...lol...maybe do a week's worth at a time..since I take pics almost every day but don't get to posting daily.

jr cline said...

I hope you participate Maria especially since you take pics every day anyway. It is a lot of fun. :-)
Thanks for the comment.

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