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 The 100 Week

As part of The 100 project, I participated in The 100 Week.  Their description of this project says, "During October 1st-October 7th, we asked you to grab a [disposable] camera, and capture images which represent you and your age."
Here are a few of the shots I took during this week.

 I saw a motor home that is a possibility for my new home.
(I should have gotten closer)
 The Rainwater House Museum
 I've take a lot of pictures of shopping carts over the years.  I don't understand my fascination with them.
(I should have gotten closer in this one as well)
 Christy, Jesse, and Spaz enjoying a snack
 Christy, Jeremy, and Jesse's home
(I think I should have taken more time lining up the vertical elements)
Jesse playing in the front yard
Over half the images on this 27 exposure roll were terrible: too dark or out of focus or had too much flash or....
Doing this project taught me something.  I learned how dependent I've become on technology in my photography.  I think it may be time to break out a film camera and relearn a lot of the things I've forgotten.  At the very least, I'll be shooting my A700 on manual for a while.

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