Heart of Dixie RR Museum v.4

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Some of the things I enjoyed photographing most at the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum were all the different colors and textures.  They were everywhere I looked.  

Do you see the face in the lower middle?
There was no shortage of rust and peeling paint.  The man I spoke to who was restoring the old cars and engines saw the rust as the enemy.  I understand that.  Point of view has a lot to do with whether something is beautiful or ugly. 
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Carly said...

Hi JR :)

OMG... I just came on over to see what is new, and I am blown away! Love the textures, and the colors. Fascinating! I adore the little wasp. I would love to see it larger, do you have a closer shot by any chance? Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing more in the coming days. :)

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