Eight Awesome Audubon Animals

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While we were in New Orleans, we went to the animal fair (The Audubon Zoo).
The birdies
and the beasties
were there.
    If you snooze you lose.
I don't think this tiger would take well to being called a loser.
   Handle with care.  It's that time of the month.
   What's with all this noise?
Can't you see I'm trying to sleep.
    “Black are the brooding clouds and troubled the deep waters, when the Sea of Thought, first heaving from a calm, gives up its Dead” ~ Charles Dickens
Crunchy munchie for my lunchie
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Carly said...

Awww... SO cute! I am glad I came by, your collection of Audubon animals made me smile. Loved the captions as well... perfect! I always learn something new when I come by for a visit! :) Well done Sir!

Carly :)

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