Foley Black and Whites

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Christy, Jesse, and I went to Foley, Gulf Shores, and Fairhope for a variety of reasons including fun!

We stayed in the Key West Inn.  It wasn't luxury, but it was clean, quiet, nice, and had a pool which we enjoyed.
These first pictures were taken there.  

No stay in a motel or hotel is complete without the cleaning cart.  I greatly appreciate the service and almost always tip when checking out.
The last picture was taken at Souvenir City.  The pirate ship facade was cool.
Earlier I posted a color photo taken at the same shop.

These pictures were taken either with an iPhone 4s using the Hipstamatic app or a Lumix GF3.  Any cropping or editing was done either wiith Snapseed or CS3.

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Carly said...

Oh my, there is nothing like the summertime when you are a little one! What a cutie pie! The butterflies sound nothing short of magical, you did super good with that swallowtail. Lovely!


Carly said...

This last set here are amazing! I love the shots through the stairs but the housekeeping cart is fabulous! The dark hallway... spooky... emotional... and definitely striking! All of these inspire me to do more night photography and b/w! Well done!

Carly :)

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