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EMPS #90: Sides. Closes May 23rd.

Photographer's Forum  30th Annual Spring Photography Contest  Closes May 17th

World Photography Awards
To coincide with the World Photography Festival in the beautiful and buzzing city of Cannes, our next monthly mini-competition theme is '24 Hours In My City'. You have until the end of May to submit your photos to our wall! The prize will be membership to our new website which will be launched on May 28th. Any of you who are in Cannes, submit your Cannes photos as part of the competition! Closes May 31st

Year long projects:

Take a photo of your family once a month. Write a few things about that month. Make it into a book at the end of the year.

 Emerging Photographer of the Year Grant   

On going:

Photo Friday posts a new challenge every Friday

Weekly Photo Challenge 

TPS:  Check website for current opportunities

Texas Photographic Society competitions


Bench Monday


Spaces: Open Call for Entries  Deadline  June 30, 2010
Their mission statement asserts their dedication to challenging, contemporary, experimental art. If your work doesn’t have strong conceptual grounding and isn’t striving to test boundaries, they may not be a good fit.


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