Road Trip, day two

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This is a collection of miscellaneous iPhone shots of things I've seen in Memphis.
There two towers are right behind the hotel where I am staying.  I have lots of bars. 

I've been looking at this hallway a lot in the last two days.

I was out and about before daylight this morning and got a few shots of the hotel fountains and their green lighting.

 No photo blog from today would be complete without a few shots from the Xange meetup.

While I was there I managed to stay away from these until near the end of the meetup.  I love Cheetos.

 Here is the crew all sitting around chatting and listening to music after lunch.

And last, but not least is the doggie.  No human get together would be complete without one.

So far, I've had an awesome weekend, met in person some wonderful Xanga friends, and met some new ones in person before I met them online.

Hopefully I'll have some better photos related to the meetup posted on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Tomorrow I plan to go to the Memphis Zoo and Beale Street.


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