The last few days

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The last few days have been quite interesting and busy as family dynamics evolve in the new living situation.

Almost as soon as the words, "I've never seen a squirrel in the backyard" were out of my mouth, this little fellow appeared on the back deck to pose.

I usually don't get to take photos in the car since I am driving.  
This photo and the next few were taken on the way back from picking up a load of things from Christy and Jeremy's house.  
It was a long afternoon and evening of moving, but it was fun to take these 'riding in the car' shots.

Christy's rc car with the body removed.

Here it is with the body.  It sure is fast.

Jeremy blew off the drive so she would have a better place to drive the car.

It was definitely a dusty job.

As with all things in life, an open heart, an open mind, and an open spirit are the tools needed for success.


Anonymous said...

Hi JR...loved the pics and the narrative. Cute squirrel how it's sitting on the deck. And nice to see everything at work. ^_^

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