Saturday afternoon

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 Saturday morning was fun and
so was Saturday afternoon.
Grilling Out 
a Story of Fire and Ice

Christy and Jeremy invited their across 
the street neighbors over for a cook out.
I went to the store to pick up the ingredients 
for dessert, peach homemade ice cream.
I stopped by to pick up a couple bags of ice too.
I like to get ice here because it cost half as much
and you get almost twice as much.
It was a very relaxing afternoon.
I have proof.
Check out this puppy.  
No, he isn't dead.

Jeremy fired up the grill.
After we all munched down
on burgers, hotdogs, tater babies,
and baked beans, 
we put the ice cream on to spin.
The two toddlers loved playing with the ice
in the ice chest.
Of course,
they both weren't happy campers all the time. 
 But neither are adults.
 Life is short
smell more flowers
hold more hands


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