Vacation Day 1

Posted on 7:18 AM by jr cline | 2 comments

I went on a mini vacation to the beach.
Fort Walton Beach to be more specific.

I met three friends there.
Jesse-awesome kid!!!
photographer, writer, mom extraordinaire
and Jeremy
breadwinner, woodsman, outstanding father
It is always inspiring to shoot with another photographer.
Especially one that brings her own models.



Anonymous said...

Very nice beach, and everyone looks so wonderful. Happy, healthy, having a good time. The weather looked awesome too. I wish I had another photographer around to shoot with; it would make all the difference in the world.

Christy said...

:-) That's pretty cool. I like how you include Jesse as another individual and not just an extension of Jeremy and I. Nobody else (but us) does that. It is kind of annoying when people say something like, "this is Christy's baby," when they introduce or comment on Jesse. I mean, they often don't even call him by name - he's just "Christy's" or "Jeremy's" baby. He's so much more than that, although I will not relinquish my right to throw the misery he put me through for 9 months and the two days of labor and delivery in his face when he's a teenager. LOL!!!! :-)

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