A few things I saw

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I stopped at the store to pick up some sodas.
Diet Dr. Pepper in my favorite.

On Thanksgiving I went to my sister's house.  
This little lady was hiding under a big hat.and
 the sun was hanging out on the privacy fence.
I don't know if you can tell from the picture, 
but it was 30 or 40 feet to the top of this pile of rocks.
It was a steep climb and one I shouldn't have made out there alone.
I fell twice coming down.  
Fortunately, I only tore my pants and got a few bruises, scrapes, and cuts.
More importantly, my camera came though the adventure unscathed.
After falling, I took a few more pictures.
A railroad crew drove up, gave me the suspicious activity, 
terrorist lecture, talked about the police a lot, and told me to leave.
Since I wasn't on public property, I thought I should.
So I moved down the road to another train trestle.

On another photo adventure I came across this quaint little church in Alpine.
I tried out a different laundromat.
It was the best one I've been to locally.
There was an attendant and it was clean and neat.
I thought it was pretty cool
there were toys to play with.
It was a laundromat/car wash combination.
Since it was raining, I only washed my clothes. 
Things pile up in a random fashion and are often pretty in their own way.
Like everyone else, I spend my share of time waiting.  
I was sitting in the car with Jesse when I took this picture.
Later, I was waiting for my tank to fill up and so was he.


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