Photo review 2011

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A few of my favorite pictures in 2011.  These aren't pictures I consider to be my 'best' shots from 2011.  They are pictures I liked for various reasons.  I selected one for each month except a couple of times when I just couldn't make up my mind. 

Jesse and Christy sitting on the hearth looking at the fire.  It brings back so many memories.  I have spent many hours sitting around this fireplace with my mother and father.  My mother loved wood fires and she was the fire master loading and arranging the logs in fireplace.   She and I would sit on this hearth, warming ourselves and chatting.   

I do a lot of photo shoots with this family.  They have invited me into their home and lives and I am immensely grateful for their love and friendship.  This was taken the night Jesse got his first haircut.
There is nothing special about this wind chime display.  I just think it is really pretty.
Taken at the Janney Furnace Civil War reenactment.  It was the last time I went on a photo walk with the photo group I was hanging out with.  They are good guys and we had a lot of fun.
In 2011 I spent more time fishing than I have in years.  I went to Logan Martin Dam with Christy and Jeremy on several occasions. I tend to spend more time taking pictures than I do fishing. lol
These Elephant garlic were growing at this house when I moved here.  I like the way the 'flowers' look waving in the wind atop their long stems.  They remind me of the days on the farm when I had a large garden. One of the first things I planted when I moved there was Elephant garlic.  Many people plant these in their flower gardens for their beauty and pest deterring properties.
The road trip  Christy, Jeremy, Jesse and I went to Tennessee to see Starr art on First Friday. We stopped at several other spots during the three day marathon. This picture was taken at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.  If I'm not mistaken, the three of them are watching the miracle that is Dippin' Dots
 I don't go to rodeos often.  I had a good time taking pictures and learned a lot. Next time I'll take a monopod and a faster lens.

I took this at my daughter's wedding.  It was an amazing day by any standard.  I love her very much.
The looks on these young women's faces are priceless.  I've been trying for a shot like this for a few years and now I know I'll be back for more.  I can do better.
After a big day at Old Baker Farm, Jesse is taking a break with his pumpkin.

Every November for a long time my family has been gathering in Gatlinburg for a few days in the mountains.  This is an unknown child standing beside a fountain in The Village.
Not every small town can boast about having alien visitors in the Christmas parade.

This is my FAVORITE picture from 2011 and I didn't take it.  This was taken by Matthew of Sun Conure Solar and my daughter's husband.
Left to right: Starr, James, and me.  When the three of us are together you better watch out.  There is definitely some mischief afoot.  Just look at those trustworthy grinning faces. 


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Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures. They are such a joy. Cheers, Chris

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