APADF6 111 - 114

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I am so far behind in this challenge I'm breaking the catch up posts into several blogs.  Taking pictures is the easy part.  Posting them is difficult at times.
APADF6 111
 In preparation for the Secret City road trip I stopped to fuel up the car.

APADF6 112
 Cheese. Cows. Wow!
One of my favorite stops on these trips is at Sweetwater Valley Farm to pick up some of their  farm fresh cheese. 
APADF6 113
The purpose of this road trip was to visit Little Bear and Ocean Starr.
  APADF6 114
   Visiting my friend in Greenback is always fun adventure.
APADF6 114
      Leaving the motel each morning I was treated to a lovely Morning Glory covered fence.
Carly has the Right Angle.


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