APADF6 130

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Child's Play

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APADF6:  129



Carly said...


Honey these are wonderful. I can tell you love your subject! The soft lighting on the very first photo is striking. Sets a calm playful scene. All the photos were wonderful, but I especially like the one where he is on his side. I have seen many a child fall asleep playing with a toy. It always makes me feel calm and peaceful inside, even if I have had a stressful day. Children and cats know how to take naps. :)


Carly said...

Ooops by the way, if I ever get too autumny on my blog, feel free to give me a kick and I will try back off a bit. LOL. As you know, I am somewhat autumn obsessed. :)

In fact, if you want, feel free to give me a challenge. :)

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