50/50 Day 6 & Catching up

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My internet went off the other day and I'm a couple of photos behind so I thought I'd include them in with today's 50/50 shot.

50/50 Day 4

This is an old gas pump I pass going to and from my parent's former home.  Right after the attack on the World Trade Center, this gas station closed and has never reopened.  The rumors say the people who owned it were terrorists and fled.  I don't believe that myself.

50/50 Day 5

This is my wonderful godson, Jesse.  He is four months old.
His mother, Christy, posts her interesting and unique perspective on the world in her photoblog, christygrimes

50/50 Day 6


I stopped by Underground Ink and took a couple of photos of the art on the building.
Here is another shot.

Have a wonderful weekend!  


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