Photography group meeting and more

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Saturday was a wonderfully warm and sunny day for my adventure.  I even had the windows out in the front of the jeep most the day.   It has been a long time since I've been able to do that!

At the photography group meeting, we talked about setting up some workshops on specific topics and about locations for future photowalks.  I think workshops are a great idea and we should be able to get that going this year.

I had a outstanding time, met some interesting new people from the APG, and ate twisted chips washed down with Blue Moon

Someone commented on the condition of my arteries when they saw the twisted chips.

Twisted Chips Nutrition Facts:

Fat – 137%
Cholesterol – 28%
Sodium – 89%
Flavor – 200%

One of the nice things about being alone is I don't have to be concerned about the condition of my arteries.  If I want twisted chips it is no one's business but my own.  

After a two hour lunch at O’Charley’s, I headed down/up (whatever) the freeway to Whole Foods.  I picked up some hoppy beer from the brewers at the Yazoo Hop Project.  I have Yazoo Beer Project #25.

I also picked up the Blue Reyes Blue cheese I like ($19.00 lb).   I looked for Sophie Giraffe.   She wasn’t there and the two young women working in the department said the name sounded cool and they would like to see Sophie if I find one. lol  Like that will happen.

I have to toss this photo in for obvious reasons. At least obvious to me.

Cline Tours

I discovered I need to go to the city more.  I’m just not accustomed to the heavy traffic.  Some days I drive all the way to work and all the way home and never see another car on the road.

All in all it was a pleasant Saturday afternoon.   I never did manage to go on a photowalk, maybe today.  No, can’t today.  I’m doing a cooking blog.  That will be plenty to shoot, compose and edit for one day.


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