Grape Stomping

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I had quite an interesting day at

In addition to making delicious wine, it is a beautiful place.
Among other things, 
there were some nicely restored antique automobiles on display.
This was their annual
Everyone who stomped grapes could get their purple footprints on this suitable for framing (lol) souvenir.
I stomped grapes, but didn't want anything else to carry so I skipped this part.

Step right in and start stomping!

Squish Squish
And I thought mud between my toes felt good.
After you'd had enough, you could wash off your feet.
I don't know what they had in those tubs with the scrub brushes,
but it got grape stains right off.
After I'd stomped my share of grapes,
I toured the wine making facilities.
There were crushers and containers for fermenting.
I found the bottling equipment especially interesting.
  This gentleman gave the tour.
I think his name is Charles Brammer.
He started Morgan Creek Winery in 2000 and said it was the first winery in Alabama. 
Morgan Creek Vineyards is a winery in Harpersville, Alabama, United States.
Regionally well-known, it is one of eleven wineries in the state. began with a production of 600 cases (7200 bottles), that sold in 6 stores.
In 2009, the winery produced 15,000 cases, selling in 400 stores across Alabama and Mississippi, and expanded its acreage by 85 acres. (wikipedia)
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Myrna Jacobs said...

Yes, that is my cousin! Pretty fun. He is unique on that side of my family. He has quite a life story as well.

Thanks for putting these up, JR!

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