Lens life 92

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My life through a cellular lens

 bring back memories of good times with my parents 
and grandparents at the lake.
My grandfather used to float one in the spring to keep it cold.

This is my third attempt at getting a photo of this
and I'm still not satisfied with the results.
Shopping Carts
left on the sidewalk.
Last week, my class dismantled and rebuilt some pcs for their lab project.
This is what remains of an ineffective project. 
They couldn't quite get Humpty Dumpty back together again.


Last weekend I went to
  the Alabama State Fair.
  The purpose of the trip was to take photos of the 
lights in the hour between day and night.
In addition to the light photos, 
I did meet a lot of interesting people.
 I heard and photographed the Memphis Blues Power show
and spent some time talking with the elephant handler for the circus.
Road Crew Tractor 
One of the interesting things about living in the country
is sharing the gas pumps with tractors.
Wednesday morning, I waited on this man to move his.

  He is really growing and is all over the house these days.
  Never a dull moment with him around.
Little Red Wagon
Like all weeks, I go to my parent's old place several times.
Seems the closer we get to selling it the more I want to take photos there.
Have a awesome day and a wonderful weekend!  


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