Gloria's Bridge

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Legend has it many years ago there was a car wreck on an old bridge and a young girl named Gloria was killed. Some say her body was never found. The legend also goes that if you call her name from the bridge she will appear in front of you.
~ Alabama Ghosts
"It is said to be that if you get on the Bridge at night and say Gloria 3 times, she will appear. The story that we have been told is that she was either going to the prom or getting married and found out she was preg[nant] or fighting with her boyfriend. Like I said we have heard 2 differen[t] stories, but both say she was killed one night. Some say she was hit by a car and the others say she jumped from the bridge. So the true story is yet to be confirmed..."~ Gloria's Bridge
Doesn't look too odd in the day light.
I haven't seen anything here myself,
but I did a see a photo taken by a friend that seem to show a ghost.
This isn't the original Gloria's Bridge.  
That was torn down years ago and replaced with this more modern bridge.
Happy Haunting!


Anonymous said...

The real Gloria's bridge is actually a little over a mile from this one. Still standing.

wess13 said...

wheres the real one then ? is it the rd that says bridge out ?

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