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My life through a cellular lens

In his youth, my dad was in the Navy.
He didn't talk much about those days, 
but I know he had a lot of shore leave in Italy 
and developed a love for Italian food.

 I'm sure you've noticed I go to the Hannah Home donation boxes often.
The two pictures above are from there.
Simplifying requires a lot of trips to the charity box. 

Being a professor necessitates a lot of books.
The ones above are a few of those I use in my classes.
I found this pot in my parent's backyard.
I hope I'm not turning into a pot head!
"In Tantric Hinduism and Buddhism (see Vajrayana), a diagram representing the universe, used in sacred rites and as an instrument of meditation. The mandala serves as a collection point for universal forces. By mentally "entering" the mandala and moving toward its centre, one is guided through the cosmic processes of disintegration and reintegration." ~ answers.com
I doubt the person who made this pillow cover had that in mind, but one never knows what another person is thinking.




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