30 day challenge day 10

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Day 10- a picture of the person you do/did the most fucked up things with.
 I had to use the 'Wayback' machine to find this picture.
By far, these two are the people I've done the most fucked up things with.
We just tend to have a great time as a trio or when it is just any two of us.
I miss them both! 
Please drop by and see POETIC_ISIS's entries.


Carly said...

I haven't been to an arcade in a long time, makes me want to play Ms. Pacman. Sigh... oh for the olden days! LOL. Hey, thanks for the comment on Ellipsis, much appreciated and as usual made me smile! :)

Oh, by the way, my word verification word is "Nuckshic" LOL... now THAT should be an actual word, don't you think? ;)

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