30 day challenge days 6 - 8

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Day 6- a picture of your family
 This is Einstein. He is a four year old Red Loried Amazon.
Einstein is friendly, whistles, and says several words.
 This is Bilbo the parrotlet.   
Bilbo is less than a year old.
He joined our flock last September.
Day 7- your most treasured item.
 In the process of simplifying my life in preparation for moving into an RV
I've given a lot of thought to what items are 'keepers'.
It isn't as easy as it seems to part with items you've kept
(and maybe cherished) for years.
One item I know will travel with me is my camera(s) and camera gear.
 Day 8- a picture that makes you laugh
   This was a fairly easy picture to take.
After over a year since my parent's deaths,
I find it hysterical that my siblings still have things in the house
and that the house isn't for sale.
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Sue O'Kieffe said...

bilbo is most adorable. i felt a little tug at my heart. im sure einstein must be brilliant. it reminded me, too, that i have parrot feathers ...

Christy said...

BILBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually like YOU. Bwahaha!

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