Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #106: Whatcha Been Up To?

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 I take a lot of pictures every day

Recently, the ones I've had the most fun taking
have been with my cell phone.

I have a lot of fun playing with the Hipstamatic app.

If you are interested in participating visit Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #106: Whatcha Been Up To? 


Jama said...

The decorations on that house is so beautiful!I've always wanted to take photos in a supermarket but never had a chance as it's not allowed to do so. Unless of course I hide my camera and take photo secretly. lol

Carly said...

Hi JR :)

Welcome back to the EMPS! I am so pleased you were able to join us for our first week back! I love the variety here! :) Especially the second one, very cool photo! Very artistic! Nicely done!


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