Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #107: Gateways

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OK, so I got a little carried away with the gate challenge.
These are gates in and around the town where I work and live.
I drive by most of these at least once a week.

This next one belongs to Alabama Football fans.  See the red elephants?

This is the stadium gate at the local high school football stadium.

A gate at one of the rides in Desoto Caverns Family Fun Park.
 This is Becky's Tunnel.  It is the entrance into the cave at Desoto Caverns.

If you are interested in participating visit Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #107: Gateways


Carly said...

Hiya JR :)

LOVE IT! Hon, get carried away all you please, I am lovin the varied examples of GATEWAYS! The third photo REALLY brought me a smile. It reminds me of some of the gates up in Alpine country in the Sierra. If I didn't know better, I would swear it was taken in Apple Hill or maybe Cisco Grove. GOREGOUS! Thank for joining in this week, keep up the awesome photography! :)


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