Lens life 85

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My life seen through a cellular lens
It is time for my weekly walk down

The back window really said that.

If you've been reading this blog much at all

you know I spend a lot of time pushing one of these around.

They make it so much easier to bring home




Occasionally, we use the groceries to

grill out.
For example, last Sunday we had grilled Cajun vegges (in the foil)
and grilled salmon.
The really red meat is chicken marinated in mushroom flavored soy sauce and garlic.
I used it in a Thai stir fry a couple of days later.

The hose is near for those sudden flare ups.


Another of my adventures involved getting a vehicle repaired

at Tim's Garage
I've always gotten good service at a fair price there.

It is nice to know they have a towing service now.

I also spent some time chilaxing at the house.

End table in the living room

This is a view from the chair I sit in most often.

Looking into the kitchen from the front porch early one morning.

How did this slip in here.

Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

I love you stories..and the shots. You had a good week...I may do this with the puppy, lol.

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