A picture a day, August 3

Posted on 7:04 PM by jr cline | 5 comments

 I was playing around with an empty soda bottle and my iPhone. 
I took several shots and tossed them all but this one. 
The red, white, and blue in the center is some books.
OK, so there were two I liked for today.  
I was giving a final exam and got a little bored
so I took a few shots of the chalk board tray.

This is the third day of Shift.org's 31 Photos in 31 Days – August 2010 challenge. 


tracey said...

I love both of today's photograph's - how cool to experiment with a bottle! And I love the b&w tones in the chalkboard picture :)

Tiffany said...

Both are very cool! The bottle was a neat idea, I love how it distorted things.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I like them both!! I really like the chalkboard...it looks awesome in B&W and very deep..dof-wise. The bottle reminds me of something. I forget what they're called. :D

Céline said...

Nice shots ! I like the tones and lines on the soda bottle photo !

wilB said...

Awesome effect with the bottle!

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