A Positive Day

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Christmas and Thanksgiving have always been family holidays for me.  Now that both my children are living on other parts of the planet and my parents have taken on a different form Thanksgiving isn't a day that seems special.  I attempt to be thankful every day.  I believe in living a life of gratitude and appreciate for all the wonder that surrounds me.  I often applaud and cheer when I step out the front door. 
Here is an abbreviated run down of my day.
I began my day with a cup coffee.  I turned on the colored lights and tuned in the Grateful Dead.  Yes, I'm a Dead Head.   I prepared and ate a small breakfast.  After washing my plate I sat down and caught up on some blogging and email.  When the sun came up I fed Einstein and Bilbo.
I worked on the Banner project for a few hours while Einstein walked around exploring the floor.
After taking a bath, I got ready to leave the house.   I thought it could be fun to go somewhere to read 'The Dharma Bums' and take some pictures. 
Along the way, I stopped to look at some motor homes.

  The place was closed and I didn't get to look inside.

Continuing on down the road, I came to the Ella S. Rowan Spring.  Travelers on the old stagecoach route would stop at Ms. Rowan's to get a drink from her spring.  She sold the spring to the city on the condition that the water would always be available at no charge to people who came by for a drink.
  On the same old stagecoach route I stopped to take photos in Mount Hebron Cemetery
It was odd to find two graves with my last name on them.  If I had some older living relatives, I'd ask them if they knew anything about those graves.
  Eventually I arrived at my sibling's house for Thanksgiving dinner.
We shared a delicious meal and had a lot of laughs.
It was a good day to be alive.
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Anonymous said...

Ralph I enjoyed your day as if I was right there with you.
I am looking forward to another journey.
Thank you.

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