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It was a beautiful fall day. for my annual visit to The Old Baker Farm Cotton Pickin' Celebration.   I had a fun day taking photos and talking with different people.

As part of the Cotton Pickin' Celebration 
The Old Baker Farm has a living history component.
Many local schools take advantage of this educational opportunity.
 These pictures were taken in the High Banks Indian Village.
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My favorite quote from Carly's Political commentary is, "Liars are being called on their bullshit and IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!" 
APADF6: 175


Carly said...

LOL Aww... thanks for quoting me.

:) Hi JR

My goodness, this seems like the kind of event I could get completely lost in! We used to go to the Renaissance Fair in Marin County, but it's not being held there anymore, now it's in Gilroy, and if you have ever been to Gilroy, you would know why I don't plan to go back! LOL
Great Photos!

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