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 I played with the DMD panorama app on my iPhone some.  I thought I'd share these three with you.
This is my office.  Big mess!  You can't tell it, but I've already cleaned out a lot things.
Garages tend to become storage areas and mine in no exception.  How does your garage look?
This is the mess in the shop.  Almost all of this has to be tossed, donated, sold, or sent home with its owner.
What do you think?  About average?  Worse that most?
I like the DMD app.  It is very easy to use and in good light takes a pretty good panoramic picture. 
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Carly said...

Hi JR :)

Oh yes, panorama! I have it on my cameras, but haven't ventured into that setting. I should give it a try this week. It's a good challenge for me. :) I wish my office was as organized as yours. Complete chaos over here! LOL.

Lauren Espinoza said...

Looks about average to me... at least compared to my office.

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