2009 New Year's Eve in My Life

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2009 is a year I am glad ended. It was one of the worst years of my life.

I began New Year’s Eve like I do most mornings, sitting in my favorite chair with a cup of coffee checking my email and blogs.


After I did a load of laundry,


it was time to shave, take a shower, and get ready to go out in the world.


I went by work for a while. It is always peaceful there when the place is closed. I read some email and printed out some forms.


My next stop was the grocery store. It was especially crowed that day. I don’t have a clue why.


I took the groceries home and ventured out again. This is the view from the end of my drive. I was deciding whether to turn left or right. Both directions lead to the same place.


I drove over to where my mom and dad once lived. I needed to spend some time clearing up their things and throwing out trash. I couldn’t help but play with these glasses. Mom would have had a fit if she had been alive.


After working there a while, I proceeded over to my friends’ home for a dinner party and fireworks. They had a lot of delicious snacks.


They are wonderful, loving people. I always feel


in their home.

After dinner, we had a good time taking photos.

Jeremy is such a great guy. Here he is light painting with a three foot long sparkler.

sparkler,'light painting'

He also set off all the fireworks while three of us attempted to take photos of them.


I had a wonderful New Year’s Eve, a great ending and beginning.


Christy said...

I LOVE IT!! I wish I'd done it. Maybe I will do it for another day. LOL Probably be pretty boring though.

I LOVE THE PICTURE OF THE GLASSES. The background is awesome behind them, and the texture of them is really cool. The color is fun too. I'm glad you can go over there and do things - it's really wonderful how you've handled the whole situation. I shouldn't have doubted you! I've learned from you.


JRC said...

:-) I'm glad you like the glasses Christy.
I thought mine was boring so there you go on that. hahahaha
In terms of how I am dealing with the situation, some days are better than others. I depend on three good friends a lot. It is like the Beatles said, I get by "With a Little Help from My Friends". Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hey I got a basket of those goodies from my grandpa for Christmas. We had similar treats for the end of the year lol

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