Hurricane Creek Park

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After my post on trees,  it was really nice to spend 5 hours in the woods on Saturday with the Birmingham Photo Group at Hurricane Creek Park.     Each month the group schedules a photowalk at a wide variety of locations.

This park is the

William “Buddy” Rogers  was the founder and creator of Hurricane Creek Park.  It is a multipurpose park providing hiking, primitive camping, a picnic area, rock climbing, and mountain bike trails.

There is a nice shop filled with rock climbing and biking supplies.  They also have some cute bird houses and other gift type items for sale.

Seven of us hiked down a steep, curvy, sometimes rocky, sometimes slippery, path to the bottom of the canyon where the trail followed Hurricane Creek.

Around a bend the trail passed under a huge outcropping of rocks.

This will give you some idea of the size.

It was easily an 75 to 100 foot outcropping above our heads.
The waterfall flowed right in front of us.  
This is a shot of what clung to the rock and rolled back under the overhang. 

After taking a lot of photos around the waterfall, I continued along the path.  At the fork in the trial I elected to go down to this two foot wide bridge over Hurricane Creek.

I was concerned that this narrow crossing would be unsteady, but it wasn’t at all.

I felt quite safe standing in the middle taking this up stream photograph.

I continued to the other side of the foot bridge.

From this side of the creek, I could see some rock climbers.

They were being assisted on their first climbs by one of the park employees.
I passed another group of rock climbers later in the day.

There were lots of other interesting thing to see and I’ll post some of those in another photo blog.  This is long enough.

Photos were taken with an iPhone or an Alpha 700.
Post processing was done with Chase Jarvis' Best Camera app or CS3.


Anonymous said...

Whoa, know how I love these. That bridge..brave one. I would love to find a place to take some wilderness photos like these. They're wonderful.

jr cline said...

I'm sure you can find a place MaryEllen. Keep looking! lol

Anonymous said...

*sigh* You're just trying to rub it in that I missed a great outing, aren't you? LOL Great shots :)

jr cline said...

No way I'd rub it in. lol

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