Much to my dismay

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I ended up at the oil change place after work on Wednesday with some truck woes.  Fortunately, it isn’t my truck.

There were a couple of people there when I went in the office area, but when I went in the shop area no one was to be found.

I looked down in the pit.

No one there either.  hmmm
I’m glad I didn’t fall in.  rofl   I wonder where they disappeared to.
After finding them all around the corner with the compressor repair man, I finally got someone to look under the hood at the broken fan belt.  I wish it had been a worn out wiper blade though.

That would have been a lot less expensive.
While the men labored for 30 or 40 minutes to install the fan belt

I went back in the waiting area in search of coffee.

There wasn’t any coffee.
Watching them through the window I could see 3 of them holding the old fan belt up to the one they ordered.  The new one was obviously too short.  Lots of talking and measuring and remeasuring occurs.
At long last, the manager came in and told me they had ordered the wrong size fan belt and had to return it and get one the correct size. 

After two hours of being entertained by the employee’s antics, I paid almost $200 and drove away.

Good times.

Note to self:  don't go there with a serious car problem.


Twink said...

Wow.... that sounds pretty much like every single mechanic experience I have ever

jr cline said...

@Twink most of mine have been that way too.

Anonymous said...

The empty shop reminded me of the Big 10 Tires here in town. We past by them last night, and both the shop area, and the store front/ waiting room were empty of any people. It was kinda creepy, like some scene from a scary movie lol

jr cline said...

@Birmingham Photography Group:
It does seem strange when a business is open and empty of customers and employees.

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