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Posted for Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #72: Pairs

Two pair

Beat one zucchini

Even in black and white



Carly said...

Hi JR :)

You made me SMILE BIG with these! :) And lookie there... you get Extra Credit! :) Very nicely done! Thanks so much for joining us for this week's assignment, and again, thanks for the smile.


jr cline said...

Glad you smiled Carly. :)

Suzanne R said...

Very clever -- and good photography! I wish I could do black and white!

Liz said...

It seems to me that you played the numbers in a rather unbalanced way.
two ones = one pair
two pairs = four ones

Therefore your photo shows
Four versus one

I always side with the underdog.
Therefore it is now four against two or if you want to see it this way two identical pairs against one made in heaven.

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