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I did this for Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #71: Weather.

The weather where I live:

Monday was a gray day.

Tuesday started out really cold

but was a bright sunny day.

Wednesday was much colder.

Snow was predicted for Thursday afternoon and evening. 
There was the usual rush at the grocery store.

It did get colder, rained, sleeted, and snowed. 
I don’t  think you can see the snow in the next  shot, but it is there.

Friday morning there was a little snow

and ice.

It is bitterly cold for Alabama.
There were still icicles on Saturday afternoon.

These photos where taken either with an Alpha 700 or an iPhone.


Carly said...

Hi :)

Great collection of weather photos! I just love what you did with the second photo! Lots of colors, and yet it conveys a dark, winter day which usually brings to mind a near black and white image... at least for me. Nice colors. Well done! Thanks so much for joining us!


Jama said...

Thanks for sharing your weather, it's totally opposite from mine. It's sunny with occasional rain being predicted today. So far there's no rain yet.

Rita said...

I will relate to you a story about Alabama and snow.

My mother is from Alabama and I have kinfolk all over the state. My Mother claims that she was a teenager before she ever saw her first snow. She moved to Missouri when she was nineteen and has loved snow ever since. She claims that it has snowed in some amount in the week of her birthday (april 11th) every year since she moved to Mo. so as a result we all believe that winter is not over until the April snow.

It is impossible to visit any of Alabama relatives without their digging out their annual snow pictures to show us.

Now I know that snow in Alabama is rare and something to be excited about for those living there but compared to the snow we get in the midwest it hardly compares.

After one visit where my brother looked at hundreds of (what he called) wimpy snow pictures over the course of hopping from cousin to cousin between Birmingham and Dothan he decided it was time to take action. He spent the next winter taking a daily photo of a yard stick he had attached to the fence in his yard in Omaha each day there was snow on the ground.

Next visit to Alabama he delivered a copy of the photo albums he made to each of our cousins,

None of us (an I have 12 siblings) have ever been ask to look at Alabama snow pictures since that day.

So I am glad to know that it still snows in Alabama. I must have been the only one who enjoy looking at pictures of the snow in Alabama.

jr cline said...

You're right Rita. We just don't get snow and that makes me quite happy.
That is a great story about your family, especially the photo album about the yardstick in the snow! I love it.
Have a wonderful week! :-)

Suzanne R said...

Great pictures -- I can fully understand your feelings about the snow and the ice since it is rare here in Northwestern Oregon, too. I think we have had one flurry where I live this year, although Portland got more on that occasion.

Mike said...

I want to say that snow is nothing, but I know that in areas that rarely get snow, any bit of snow is a big deal. Hope you guys get out of the big freeze soon.

Liz said...

The last photograph held my complete attention on the bull's eye that the icicle strikes.
This is an amazing picture.
It leads me to look beyond the point...

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