On the road

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 So what did I do today?
I stopped in Ohatchee to pick up some Boost Hone.  
j/k  I have no clue what that could possibly be.

Next, I went over the rainbow.

And landed at this lovely new rest stop.

It was so new the restroom signs were hand written.

Zoom Zoom  Zoom to the wonderland that is Niota.
Niota is an interesting place that I prefer to visit in the full light of day.

There is a unique juxtaposition of choices there.

When exiting the freeway at Niota, there is a huge church is on the left of the freeway and the adult video store is on the right.

Do you have a preference?

Further along, I came to Sweetwater Valley Farm.
Cheese, Cows, WOW!

Continuing up the drive, I parked at the cheese store.  
I love cheese.

They make and sell lots of different flavors of cheese there.

I purchase five different flavors.  Yum Yum

At long last, the mighty Kia/space/time machine 

came to a stop for the day in front of

I needed some sustenance and walked next door to

and enjoyed some southern BBQ.

Enough excitement for one day.  
Time to think about sleeping.


Christy said...

I love it! I wish I was there... =( Someday... LOL


Harry Schoemaker's Fotografie said...

Wow, would love this.
Much better then searching for a job all day, day after day, year after year.

btw. I love cheese too :D
But being Dutch that's kicking in an open door I think LOL

Anonymous said...

I knew I'd find them here. I love the shots, especially that rainbow one. I see we had the same song in our heads yesterday morning. Wow..you have a lot of stops for one day's worth of traveling. Lots of great pics, and I love the way you told the little story. hehe...gave me a good chuckle. I like cheese too...where did you keep the 5 your bought if you're on the road??

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