Playing catch up

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I've gotten a bit behind the last few days.
I thought I'd take a few minutes to get caught up.

50/50 Day 12

The night view through the laundry room/back porch. 
Zimbo commented that it looked like I took it under water.  
I thought he was right.

50/50 Day 13


This new bridge replaced a one lane wooden bridge. 
The old bridge was often under water when it rained but I drove across it anyway.
There were a few times I had to turn around because I couldn't tell where the bridge was though.
The highway department did a great job with the new one.
I wanted to post a photo of the former bridge for comparison,   
but couldn't find it today.

Here are some of my noticings game photos from the last couple of days.

This is the graffiti painted on the new bridge in the previous photo.
It didn't take long for decorations to start appearing.
You know your money is safe when there is a tank parked next to the bank.
The National Guard building is next door to the bank.


The name of this little road has always interested me.
I wonder if it is named for a person.


Anonymous said...

Nice..cute sign name. I thought that shot looked like an underwater shot to, ^_^. Zubers..a good Z pic. I have a sign one planned for that day is all else fails, lol.

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